The I-GOLD business model focusses directly on shareholder value.The key principles being

  • Early realistic front end financially modelling to assess key project development drivers
  • Implementation structuring to reduce excessive layering of project indirect costs
  • Staged development to enable smoothing (management) of capital requirements
  • Bear minimal upfront capital to achieve first production and revenue

The company principals are experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, bankers and business owners that bring together a wealth of practical problem solving ability across technical and commercial disciplines. The value of the initial front end business input/design has the potential to add the highest possible value to development projects.

The I-Gold philosophy centres on maximum investment efficiency being generated at the project concept stage by thorough evaluation and structuring. This philosophy drives value, overall investment returns and practical achievable capital structures. A balance between early definition of initial (and ultimate) project size (capital cost) and ability to support initial capital demands can be established very early in the process without the need for a costly definitive feasibility study which takes the development down an uncertain path. This philosophy often challenges a number of accepted (and sometimes erroneous) business principles which in many instances acts to create major deterrents to effective project development and growth.
I-Gold is prepared to exchange effort and expertise for equity for the right investment. In this way the I-Gold focus aligns with performance outcomes. The company maintains a portfolio of investment opportunity and investors/financiers that can support development.

Put simply, traditional project development costs have escalated and can longer support traditional equity and debt investment models. Upfront investment costs have increased excessively and in many cases prevent good projects from being developed and financed. Project and financing upfront costs need to be drastically reduced in the minerals and infrastructure business in the same way that operating companies have reduced operating costs to levels previously considered unsustainable.

I-Gold have demonstrated instances of reducing up-front capital requirements by over 50% with only modest or no changes in the scope. This has been achieved by refining processes, structures, disciplines and embedding a culture that addresses the practical and sustainable financial outcomes. This can be achievable without comprise to project delivery quality and performance while properly addressing current social and environmental expectations.

The parallels of the post mining boom world are closely analogous to the previous major mining boom of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Large projects (usually iron ore) drove engineering groups to focus on projects with economies of scale based on high availability of capital and expectations of higher future commodity prices. The current market paradigm necessitates a return to the agile and effective engineering and commercial solutions which blossomed in the 1980s. Accepted capital costs and structures must once again must be challenged and corrected. This outlook is at the centre of the I-Gold philosophy.

The combination of fit for purpose engineering and well-structured and flexible financing packages is the key to I-Golds approach.